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Central Texas Christian School Board Governance Model

Central Texas Christian School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which exists to provide Christian education. As such, the CTCS School Board operates using a non-profit form of governance rather than the form of governance used by public schools, which are political bodies subject to open meeting requirements. The Board follows principles of policy governance, whereby the Board sets broad policies within which the school is to operate, but does not interject itself into the operations of the school. No individual board member has any authority over school personnel or operations, nor does any individual board member have authority to speak for the school. The Board believes in the one-voice authority of the Head of School, who is accountable to the entire Board, not to any individual board member.

Board Meetings
Central Texas Christian School does not hold open meetings. The Board concerns itself with school policy and strategic planning rather than with daily operations. Therefore, curriculum, personnel and student policies are primarily determined by the Head of School with assistance from the administrative team and other staff members, subject to parameters set forth in Board policies. To view or download meeting agendas please click here. 

Board Member Selection and Qualifications

The Board is self-perpetuating. All potential Board members must be nominated from within the Board, although names may be suggested for consideration by anyone. Members of the Board must be born-again believers and subscribe without reservation to the school’s Statement of Faith and Statement of Educational Philosophy. Members of the Board must be Christian role models in the school and community and members in good standing of a local evangelical church whose doctrine is consistent with the school’s Statement of Faith.

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8:10 - 11:40 Mon  - Fri

Extended Care

11:40 - 3:10 Mon Tue Thu

11:40 - 2:00 Wed

Elementary K - 2nd

8:10 - 3:10 Mon Tue Thu

8:10 - 2:00 Wed

8:10 - 11:20 Fri

Elementary 3rd - 5th

8:05 - 3:15 Mon Tue Thu

8:05 - 2:05 Wed

8:05- 11:25 Fri

Middle School  6th - 8th

8:00 - 3:45 Mon Tue Thu

8:00 - 2:10 Wed

8:00 - 11:35 Fri

High School 9th - 12th

7:55 - 3:40 Mon Tue Thu

7:55 - 2:05 Wed

7:55 - 11:30 Fri

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Monday -Friday

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