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The CTCS Retreat Program has been in development for a number of years becoming a unique distinctive at Central Texas Christian School.


The program plays an integral part in fulfilling our mission statement to educate students with the transforming truth of Christ, building Godly character and integrity in life pursuits. 


The purpose of the CTCS Retreat Program is to augment the academic curriculum in the overall education process of CTCS students and create an opportunity for the students and faculty to interact in unique, meaningful,  and purposeful ways outside the classroom. 


These retreats enable CTCS to accomplish much more in a student's life and go beyond the traditional classroom's education. 

“The Retreat helped the class to break down the walls between us and realize how similar we are in our struggles.”


​ “I experienced God in a great way and felt unified with my class.”


“We bonded and learned to work together.”


“God moved and spoke to me through His Word and the speakers.”


“I realized that God can dig you out of any pit or hole you find yourself in.”


“I enjoyed getting away from life and all its distractions.”


“It really brought the class together, closer - we became unified in purpose.”

Testimonials from Student Participants

Mission & Focus

Class Unity

  • Working alongside classmates

  • Teamwork is emphasized

  • Team building games/activities

  • Barriers come down when experiencing
    challenges and trials

  • Shared fun experiences

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

  • Group Worship

  • Individual Quiet times

  • Group discussion of devotions

  • Biblical based messages

  • Journaling encouraged


  • Staff and counselors serve as role models

  • Opportunity for mentoring

  • Exposure/modeling of Christian worldview

Leadership Development

  • Leadership skills incorporated

  • High school counselors extensive training

  • Opportunity to lead small groups

Exposure to Missions & Servanthood

  • Work projects incorporated

  • Serving/ministering others emphasized and practiced

Each retreat and activity has a designed purpose including work projects, team building games and activities in addition to the messages, worship and devotions. Although each retreat targets specifics related to the age of the student, the retreats' general purpose is the same.


Retreats are a time for the students to “retreat” from their usual environment and circumstances; this removes distractions so that students may focus and depend on God.  

For this reason, parents may not attend retreats.

6th Grade Retreat

This retreat is held every May for 5 days at Camp Tejas in Giddings, Texas.


Students experience a deep sense of worship in new and meaningful ways as they serve in work projects, participate in recreation, live in cabins together, hear about Gods truth and are challenged to return home and to CTCS with a new resolve to live out God’s plan for their life.


High School students are chosen as counselors through a rigorous selection process and trained for 6 months.

Cost: included in tuition

7th Grade Mission Trip

This mission trip is held every March for 4 nights in St. Augustine, Texas.


Students experience a deep sense of worship and Bible study in a meaningful way as they serve in work projects.


As they hear about God's Word and serve others, we pray they return home and to CTCS with not only a knowledge of God's Word, but also a heart to serve and a sense of their God given gift and purpose.


High School students are chosen as counselors through a rigorous selection process and trained for 6 months.

Cost: included in tuition

8th Grade Retreat

As students continue to mature, they are ready for a wilderness challenge experience that will be a unique blend of opportunity, environment, challenge and guidance.


Students will learn that life has challenges, but when we are prepared and with God’s help, we can successfully meet these challenges.


This is a 4 day retreat at Enchanted Rock State Park and

Guadalupe State Park.

Cost: included in tuition

10th Grade Retreat

The focus is on “real” Christianity and spiritual maturity, as well as worship and “real” applications of truly living the Christian life.


Students return to Camp Tejas in Giddings, Texas for a 3 day retreat. 

Cost: included in tuition

12th Grade Retreat

This 5 day retreat prepares students for their final year of high school and beyond, continuing the traditions set forth in the previous retreats as well as focusing on the unity of believers, responsibility and importance of role models.


The students decide on the legacy that their class, in unity, will impart and leave

with CTCS and its students.


Students travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado at the end of August of their Senior Year.

Cost: $900

Fundraising is completed during the Junior Year.

Retreat cost will be billed to student FACTS account August of their Junior year.  This allows parents to make payments towards the retreat at their convenience. Payments toward the retreat may be made in any amount at any time on or before due dates. 


$100: due by November 15

$100: due by January 15

$500: due by March 15

Remaining balance due by May 15

Retreat Scholarship

Partial scholarships are available for each retreat due to the

generosity of many.

Retreat scholarships require an application.

If you would like to donate to the Retreat Scholarship or have any questions, please contact Karen Luckett, Dean of Students. 

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