We at Central Texas Christian School are committed to teaching the whole child — spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally.  This commitment is accomplished through Kingdom Education, a program centered on God, His son Jesus, the Bible, and the evidence of God in our world.  The success of the Kingdom Education experience depends on the unity of spirit and purpose between the school and its families; therefore, our policy requires that at least — one parent of enrolling students be a professing Christian.

Class time is from 8:10 a.m. until 11:40 a.m.  Two, three, and five day morning programs are available.  The student-teacher ratio is no more than 12:1 with shared aides. Students do not wear uniforms, but are encouraged to wear comfortable play clothes with closed-toe shoes.  All Preschool students must be completely potty-trained.

Janet Blacklock
Preschool Director


The 3-year-old program offers learning through play, stories and art, letters, colors, numbers, and shapes are areas of focus.  Activities presented are age-appropriate in difficulty and interest.


Daily Bible Lessons

Pathways for Threes (BJU Press)

Learning Centers


Social Development




Outdoor playtime

Field trips

Weekly library visits



The 4-year-old curriculum is built upon the foundation laid in our 3-year-old program.  We continue with thematic and activity-centered curriculum, with the emphasis shifting toward the pre-reading and academic skills necessary for kindergarten.  Field trips and guest readers enhance the fun-filled lessons.


Scripture Bites

Footsteps for Fours (BJU Press)

Learning Centers



Social Development

Thematic Units


Outdoor playtime

Field trips

Weekly library visits


Central Texas Christian School Preschool program is exempt (see exemption below) from the State of Texas regulation by Licensing.

However, we are continually monitoring state requirements to check for compliance within our program. 


A private educational program or operation is exempt from regulation by licensing if it:

  • Serves children who are at least age 3 on September 1;

  • Offers no more than two hours of child day care, total, before, or after the hours that are customary for school in that community; or 

  • Operates at least:

    • a preschool,

    • a kindergarten class through grade three,

    • grades 9 through 12, or 

    • the same pattern of grade clustering as found in public elementary schools (grades one through six) in the local school district.

Texas Human Resources Code  §42.041(b)(7)(8)(9)(11)
DFPS Rule, 40 TAC §745.119

school hours


8:10 - 11:40 Mon  - Fri

Extended Care

11:40 - 3:10 Mon Tue Thu

11:40 - 2:00 Wed

Elementary K - 2nd

8:10 - 3:10 Mon Tue Thu

8:10 - 2:00 Wed

8:10 - 11:20 Fri

Elementary 3rd - 5th

8:05 - 3:15 Mon Tue Thu

8:05 - 2:05 Wed

8:05- 11:25 Fri

Middle School  6th - 8th

8:00 - 3:45 Mon Tue Thu

8:00 - 2:10 Wed

8:00 - 11:35 Fri

High School 9th - 12th

7:55 - 3:40 Mon Tue Thu

7:55 - 2:05 Wed

7:55 - 11:30 Fri

Office Hours

Monday -Friday

7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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