Central Texas Christian School strives to provide its students with the best resources possible to transition successfully from one academic level to the next.


The CTCS counseling team consists of trained individuals dedicated to partnering with students, families, and staff. Counseling team members work together to provide a wide variety of support areas. Individual counselors specialize in a particular area of support, offering college counseling, academic counseling, and student support.


This focused concentration allows each team member to hone particular skills and most efficiently meet the needs of the whole student. Our goal is to partner with students on their journey... that prepares them for life beyond CTCS.

college & career counseling

CTCS helps our graduates enter colleges and universities with confidence and purpose.  To accomplish this, our college counselor collaborates with families to put students in the strongest position for acceptance.  This process begins in 9th grade and continues until students are accepted into the college of their choosing. The college counselor assists students with college/career exploration, resume and essay writing, ACT/SAT preparation, application deadlines, scholarship opportunities, and other aspects of the college selection process.  We work closely with families to determine the best approach for each student. 

academic counseling

CTCS directs our students every step of the way throughout high school. Our counselors help students select classes based on academic skill level and personal interest to meet graduation requirements. CTCS counselors are with students every step of the way in achieving their goals, creating academic resumes, and best preparing them for success. 

student support

CTCS strives to provide the safest and healthiest learning environment possible with special focus on the social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our students. Our student support counselor is on-hand to assist students in meeting the daily social and emotional demands of the academic environment. Students have the opportunity to develop stress management strategies, positive coping mechanisms, and other useful life skills. Should outside support be necessary, our student support counselor can provide a number of referral resources for assessment purposes and/or family and individual counseling.




kelly ragsdale

student support counselor

amy beck

college counselor

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