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Leadership development is a key component of the mission of Central Texas Christian School. In 2009, CTCS launched a new leadership initiative designed to train and prepare students for their role as the next generation of Godly, Christian leaders. In order to fulfill this responsibility, CTCS developed Lion Leadership Academy (LLA). This program will serve to educate our future leaders and provide them with year-round accountability and encouragement in choosing to read the right books, visit the right places, meet the right people, and memorize the right things.  In addition, Lion Leadership at CTCS affords students the opportunity to travel and hear from influential speakers on the topics of leadership and service. 

In addition, students are introduced to the sacrifices of leadership and responsibility and learn to serve the community in various ways. Students serve as hosts for the community-wide event, giving them the opportunity to meet a well-known speaker, host merchandise tables, greet and seat guests and take tickets for the event. Through the Lion Leadership Academy, CTCS students are inspired and equipped to excel in future life pursuits with Godly integrity and to develop skills that will put them ahead of their peers in college and beyond.

Students entering 9th through 12th grades are eligible to make application to the Lion Leadership Academy. All students must reapply to the Academy at the beginning of each school year. Each applicant will participate in a professional interview as a part of the application process. Upon ATHLETICS acceptance into the Academy, students are required to create a leadership portfolio. Updated yearly, the portfolios include reports on books they have read, notes from conference speakers taken throughout the year, leadership “report cards” from coaches and sponsors, attendance reports from church leaders, and detailed accounts of mission involvement. The students submit their portfolios at the end of the school year. The completed portfolios allow the students to participate in the Student Leadership University (SLU) program that takes place each summer. For more information about Student Leadership University be sure to visit our SLU page located under the More / Extracurricular tab or click the link in red. 


For more information about Lion Leadership programs, contact Leadership coordinator Reed Dunn.

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