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The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) mission here at CTCS is to promote Christian fellowship within our school community, to encourage unity and communication among the school board, administration, teachers and parents. Through our fundraising efforts, we assist in improving the facilities, and the atmosphere at CTCS all with the purpose of educating students with the transforming truth of Christ through Kingdom Education.


There is no need to sign up to join. Everybody is automatically a part of the PTF. We have meetings on the first Thursday of each month held in the cafeteria. Most of the meetings take place at 8:15am, but we do have two nightly meetings during the year, as well. I encourage each of you to attend and participate in PTF.  Your involvement in our school is very important because it helps us to not only accomplish our goals but it brings about a sense of unity. Getting involved in these different events and activities is also a great way to be a part of your child’s life here at CTCS where they spend most of their days!


If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please click here.




PTF Meeting Minutes

Central Texas Christian School PTF Minutes

January 09, 2014
By Beth Mixon

Janene Graeff, PTF President, welcomed everyone and explained the free dress day tickets. Free dress day for students whose parents attended this meeting will be January 9, 2014. 


Janene Graeff, PTF President, welcomed everyone and opened the meeting in prayer.


In Attendance:  Staci Sellears, Petara Monroe-Woodberg, Beth Andres, Christine West, Pauline Charles-Thomas, Lesha Smith, Melissa Bohannon, Kelly Berkshire, Tanya Cosper, Tori Thompson, Kawanna Dowden, Jim Bell, Mande Liles, Neil Graeff, Chris Schirner, Katie Fort, Melody Euler, Brittany Norman, Kassie Thompson, Laura Frazier, Cheris Knight, Jill Wisener, Christina Marshall, Mandy Hollinger, Amy Reese, Ty Jackson, Janene Graeff, Beth Mixon, Angie Stringfellow, Lisa Shatto, Sarah Sewell, Jenifer Luce, Jenny Stermer, Julie Sincleair, Molly Jones, Janie Minzak, Kori Hutson, Allie Turner, Paula Kuth, Mary Hignight, Suzanne Steeves, Jennifer Umpleby, Susie Marek, Debbie Lange, LeeAnn Boore, Leanna Bond, Karen Daniel, Robyn Thompson, Tracy Skillern, Ashley Emmons



Administrator’s Report:

Janene asked Jim Bell, our MS/HS Principal to tell us more about Winterm. Mr. Bell stated that we’ve had a great group of students 6th-12th grade this year, and we’ve had a great first semester. Winterm is a unique program that CTCS started five years ago. Kim Conner, a parent who has since moved away, heard about Winterm from a school in Michigan and encouraged CTCS to investigate it, with the idea of offering classes that we can’t offer during the school year. Winterm has been a fabulous, outstanding program. The high school students take two classes each day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. We’ve had a wide range of classes. Some of the classes we have offered in the past have been Media communications, Business Ethics, Mural Arts, and Photography. Being a small school, we can’t offer as many electives as a larger school and fund them for a whole semester, but we can offer them for two weeks. We have academic classes such as Driver’s Ed, SAT Prep, and Creation Science. We also offer fun classes such as Ballroom Dancing, Martial Arts, and Cooking. The high school students really look forward to it, and it gives the middle school students something to look forward to. Students sign up for classes on a first come, first serve basis, starting with the seniors. Another advantage of Winterm is that if students transfer in January from another school which doesn’t take 1st semester finals until after Christmas, they can start at CTCS after Winterm and not get behind on their academic classes at CTCS second semester.


Student Connection:

Katie Fort, a senior, discussed some of her experiences in Winterm. This year she is taking Interactive Spanish, which she is really enjoying. She is using the Spanish she has learned over the past four years in an interactive way and getting to use it with people she normally would not get to spend time with. For example, yesterday they went to a restaurant and spoke with the waiters in Spanish and got to know each other through speaking Spanish. Katie is also taking Game Strategies where she has learned three new games that she can now play with friends and family and really know the strategies behind them. Winterm also gives students an opportunity to interact with students in different grades in high school that they normally wouldn’t have in class with them .

Committee Reports:

Janene started passing around several sign-ups sheets related to Book Fair, Dad’s Night, and Grandparents Day. Janene announced that she is still looking for someone to chair the set up and clean up for Grandparents Day.

Dad’s Night-Kori Hutson: Dad’s Night is Tues. Feb. 4. Dads bring their kids, and you get to decorate cookies. Melissa Sonnier is the chairperson for Dad’s Night. She needs volunteers for set up, volunteers to work the event, and help afterwards with clean up. Moms are welcome to bring kids if dads can’t come.

Box Tops-Mande Liles: We’re starting another contest since this tends to promote the collection of more box tops. We’re doing a grade level contest, and the grade that collects the most will receive a prize. The tub for elementary will be in the cafeteria. We received a check for $1500 for just this fall, so these little pieces of cardboard go a long way! We are still able to recycle drink pouches too.

Pizza Fridays: Angie Stringfellow: Pizza Fridays this year has gone extremely well. We have raised a lot of money for PTF. Parents enjoy doing this, it is an easy thing to do, and they enjoy the interaction with the kids. The kids love seeing their parents here. Angie is requesting about 9 more volunteers for January and February.


Book Fair Allie_Turner Book Fair (Feb. 3-7)

We need lots of volunteers. There are many ways to help with book fair. Grandparents’ Day is our busiest day of Book Fair. If you have a local grandparent who could shop during the week before Grandparents’ Day, that would help with the long lines on Friday. If a Grandparent isn’t here and you want to shop earlier in the week, that would help too. Monday Jan. 27 the books will arrive. This is when we’ll be sorting through the books to make sure they are appropriate. We will be setting up that Sunday, which is Super Bowl Sunday, so we will try to get in and out quickly. Teachers pull books they would like to have in their classrooms. There is also a library wish list table if you would like to purchase a book for the library.


Grandparents Day-Janene Graeff

Buttons-Ty Jackson: Next week we will need a lot of volunteers. There will be hour increments to work on the buttons for the Grandparents. We need two people per time slot. We are doing it slightly differently this year. The pictures of the students are coming to us alphabetically with a matching roster. There are 1500 buttons, which are going to be equally divided between time slots. Monday and Tuesday she can use extra hands sending out the invitations. Home room moms and class coordinators will be sending out an email requesting volunteers.

Walk-A-Thon_Janene Graeff_Walk-A Thon is April 25th. :  

She would love for people to sign up to chair the different sub committees such as lap counters, Pre-K carnival, concessions, activities, prizes, and someone to collect all of the donation envelopes. The Walk-a-Thon is the biggest fund-raiser for our school. Last year we made about $52,000 through Walk-A-Thon (WAT) for CTCS. It is a half-day for the kids. Weather permitting, we’ll be outside in the front of the school walking laps. The kids will get pledges for that.

Treasurer’s Report:

(copy on back of agenda)-Lisa Shatto

Door Prizes:

Tanya Cosper donated one of the door prizes, which went to Mandy Hollinger, and a $50 gift card to Parker Uniforms went to Molly Jones. Debby Morris, our Prayer Mom Coordinator, closed the meeting in prayer.

Our next PTF meeting will be Thursday, February 13th at 8:15 a.m. in the cafeteria.:
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