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Girls Basketball
"...that the children of men may become children of God."
Girls Basketball


Dosa, Abby

“I have been a Lady Lion Basketball player for 4 years. And now it has come to an end. I remember every moment from the first day of practice my freshman year, to our last playoff game. I wouldn't trade the memories I made for anything – running the mile & ten tens, overnight tournaments, 7am practices on Saturday mornings, dance parties in the locker room, our weekly devotions, our summer trips, working basketball camps team meals, the list goes on & on. Being a Lady Lion Basketball player is dedication, dedication to God & dedication to your team. Promising to always give 100%. Promising to always give God the credit, understanding He is the one who has blessed us with the ability to play. But most importantly being a Lady Lion Basketball player is being a part of a familythat loves each other & sticks together. Being a Lady Lion Basketball player has made me a better leader & challenged me to grow closer to God. I will always remember my time as a Lady Lion Basketball player, I definitely wish I could stay one forever.”

Dosa, Emily

“Lady Lion Basketball. These three words will forever hold a special place in my heart. Being a Lady Lion Basketball player was one of my greatest memories of being in high school. The unity, pride, hard Work, sweat, tears, laughter, running, and late nights were all small aspects that built an unforgettable time of my life. It was while I was a Lady Lion Basketball player that God taught me some of the greatest lessons that I learned in high school from my coaches and teammates. Basketball and following Jesus have been two of my biggest passions since I was young, and as a Lady Lion Basketball player, these things combined to help me grow both as an athlete but also in my faith in Christ. One of my favorite parts about being a Lady Lion was that wasn't only about basketball. Ultimately it was about showing Christ's love to the other team. It was about more than just a game to me which is why it meant so much and why I will never forget what it was like to be a Lady Lion Basketball player.”

Martin, Kelsey

“Lady Lions Basketball has played a big role in my high school career. Not only have I progressed in my skill as a point guard, but I also progressed in my walk with Christ. I developed leadership skills that not only helped me lead the team during competition but leadership that helped lead players to Christ. Lady Lion Basketball encouraged me to be well-rounded by teaching me basketball intellect but also instilling in me the responsibility to use basketball as a vehicle to share Christ with others. Through Lady Lion Basketball, my team and I had the opportunity to pray with every single team we played throughout my senior year. What is really awesome about that is the fact that my Godly coaches focused more on the favor Christ was showing us in praying with players and sharing the Word instead of how many wins/losses we gained. Do not get me wrong, Lady Lion Basketball successfully trained me physically. However, Lady Lion Basketball taught me to set my priorities and always keep Christ at the front and to overcome the challenge of letting matters come before Him.”

Mitchum, Marlee

“Being a lady lion basketball player is something to be proud of. It's the combination of hard work, selflessness & determination. My 4 years of being a lady lion have given me some of the best experiences of my high school career. We have so much fun together, yet also push each other to be the best we can be spiritually & physically. As a lady lion basketball player our main goal is to glorify God first and foremost. I would not take back my experience of being a lady lion for anything. Thanks to all the coaches who put their heart into this program, it's challenged and strengthened my walk with the Lord in countless ways. Lady lion basketball is a program nobody should ever pass up!”

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