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"...that the children of men may become children of God."
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Dosa, Abby

“I have been a Lady Lion Basketball player for 4 years. And now it has come to an end. I remember every moment from the first day of practice my freshman year, to our last playoff game. I wouldn't trade the memories I made for anything – running the mile & ten tens, overnight tournaments, 7am practices on Saturday mornings, dance parties in the locker room, our weekly devotions, our summer trips, working basketball camps team meals, the list goes on & on. Being a Lady Lion Basketball player is dedication, dedication to God & dedication to your team. Promising to always give 100%. Promising to always give God the credit, understanding He is the one who has blessed us with the ability to play. But most importantly being a Lady Lion Basketball player is being a part of a familythat loves each other & sticks together. Being a Lady Lion Basketball player has made me a better leader & challenged me to grow closer to God. I will always remember my time as a Lady Lion Basketball player, I definitely wish I could stay one forever.”

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Dosa, Abby
Dosa, Emily
Martin, Kelsey
Mitchum, Marlee
Emmons, Bailey
Boone, Karissa
Lucas, Lindsay
Steeves, Sarah
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