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"...that the children of men may become children of God."
Girls Basketball
Girl's Basketball

The philosophy of the Lady Lion Basketball program is one that starts with the belief that God is the center of every decision, every practice, and every game. There should exist a strong emphasis that to be a part of this program is a privilege and honor; not a right.

The three main goals that every player must strive towards to become a Lady Lion Basketball player are Leadership, Consistency, and Unity. Each of these qualities are important to the overall success of the program. Even though students' main concern throughout the school year should be about their academics, during the season their focus should be on the dedication and sacrifice given by all team members to do their part to meet team goals and to help the season be successful!

Players are expected to play the game with intelligence, understanding every concept before stepping on the court in competition. All players are expected to give 100%, 100% of the time in practice, in games, in the classroom and in their relationship with God. All players will have a confident, positive, and respectful attitude towards each other and their coaches.

In conclusion, excellence should always be the goal of a Lady Lion Basketball player. It is the constant pursuit of perfection that makes each one of us who we are, on the court or in Christ.

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