Central Texas Christian School

Football 2014
"...that the children of men may become children of God."
Team run onto field

Football is a very tough and demanding sport. It is not an easy sport to participate in, but I know through 37 years of being involved with the game, a student that participates will be a better person for being a part of a football team. It is not easy or natural to go through the physical demands of the game of football. However, I do know that a young man will be better prepared for life after experienceing a year in our football program.

Learning how to work hard, being part of a team, being physically challenged and learning to get up after being knocked down are all life lessons that everyone needs to know. Setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals are very important. Very few people in life ever set goals and work hard to achieve them. In Lion football, we emphasize the goals of a Championship Christian Life first and the goals of a championship team second.

Joe Oliver
Athletic Director and Head Coach
Doug Boone
Assistant AD and Offensive Coordinator

The Lion Oath

"As a Central Texas Christian Lion, I will never quit or accept defeat. I will always place my God and my team ahead of myself. I will always conduct myself with class, never to embarrass my teammates, coaches, or school. When the going gets tough, I will rededicate myself and work harder than ever before.  I, ________, will pay the price of success to help build a winning tradition that all former Lions can be proud of. Together, we can accomplish great things!"



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